Sunday, August 21, 2016

Baylor-19 Months

Baylor got her 11th tooth this past month. She is still adjusting to being the only one at home I think. I think she is lost as to what to do with herself. Probably slightly shocked no one is constantly stealing toys from her either. Plus she has been driving me nuts.

She has picked up a couple new words and has started shaking her head no all the time no matter what question you ask her.

Pictures from the past month:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Camping at McCormick Creek State Park

So last summer all our camping trips were canceled due to rain. There is really no point in going camping and just sitting under the pop up the whole time...not that our kids would even stay under it anyway. We have several planned for this year and I'm so excited!! We even got a new huge 3-room 12 person tent to use. It goes up super easy in 2 minutes and assembles almost like a pop up canopy does. 

We headed down Friday after work/school to get set up. Saturday we went hiking early before it got too hot. After lunch and some heavy napping we went swimming in the park pool which was super nice. Sunday we headed back home pretty early so we could get caught up on everything. 
Helping me pack. 

Using our selfie stick before it promptly broke. 

Wolf Cave

Exhausted after our 2 mile hike. 

Playing the creek!!

Passed out

Chowing down. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Apple Orchard/Back to School Pictures

After the first day of school was over we headed to the apple orchard for some slushies and snapped a few pictures while we were there. 

First Day of School 2016!!

I can't believe how fast the 8 weeks of summer went. We had a blast this summer though. Carson has been talking about going to preschool for so long. I'm pretty confident she is going to be our social butterfly because she does not know a stranger.

Heading into school. 

Hendrix first day of school paper. 

Carson's first day of school paper. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baylor-18 Months

Ahhh 1.5 years old!! Baylor is pretty much walking full time now. She still walks pretty slow though and hasn't even attempted to pick up the pace or run yet.She still only has 10 teeth. All 4 molars with the top 4 on the front and her bottom two.

She loves going up and down the stairs to follow the older two. She loves playing with her baby dolls also. Baylor is still in size 2 shoes, size 4 diapers and mostly 12-18 month clothing. In the next couple of the days the older two start preschool and she will be the only one home with me. It's going to be an adjustment for both of us.

At her 18 month doctors appointment she was 21 lbs 9 oz (33%) and 31 inches tall (20%). Her head was 18.5 inches around(69%).

Here are some pictures from the past month: